The Jets/Jetts organization began its scholarship program in 1999 to support its exceptional scholar athletes. The Scholarships were named for the founders of the Jets/Jetts, Sam Kobayashi and Tak Uyesugi for the Boys Division and Mimi Arakaki and Irene Murakami for the Girls Division. 

The scholarships are given to one male and one female high school graduate via a competitive process, which includes high school GPA, organization and community service, a written essay and an oral interview with the scholarship committee. The selection process is intense but provides insight to the truly talented and exceptional scholar athlete. The scholarship covers the four years the awardees are expected to complete their undergraduate education. Additionally, the Jets/Jetts confer four one-time scholarships to outstanding runner-ups.


Year Kobayashi-Uyesugi Scholarship Arakaki-Murakami Scholarship
Yoshio Osaki – BA, Stanford 2003
Douglas Maesaki – BA, UC San Diego 2004
Derek Lowrey – BA, UCLA 2006, JD UC Hastings 2011
Kenny Yee - UCLA
Christopher Shintani - UC Fullerton, BFA Photography 
Justin Yamamoto - USC
Kyle Okumoto – CSU San Diego
Michael Ono - UCLA BA History 2011
Garrett Hara - Stanford - Engineering
Trent Fujii - USC Pre Law
No graduating seniors
No graduating seniors
Dennis Takeshita
Aaron Lew
Lori Ginoza – BS, Whittier College 2003, MS USC 2006
Jessica Baba – BA. UC Berkeley 2003, JD, USD Law 2006
Nicole Marquez – BS, Stanford 2005
Kamryn Sakamoto – US Naval Acad, BS Ocean Engineering, MS Mech Eng 
Lani Marsden - Stanford, BA Intl Relations, John Hopkins - MA Intl Relations  
Allison Nagata - UC Irvine, BA Psychology 2008, USC - Occup Therapy
Michelle Baba - UCLA, BA Design Media Arts 2009
Allyson Hatanaka – CSU Fullerton, BA Ed
Kellyn Dott - UC Santa Barbara, BS Zoology 2011
Christine Fukushima - UC Berkeley, Mass Communications
Erin Fukushima - UC San Diego, Biology/Chemistry
Alyssa Middo - UC San Diego
No graduating seniors
No graduating seniors


2016 Kobayahi-Uyesugi Scholarship Recipient


It is with great pleasure that the Jets/Jetts organization announce that Aaron Lew has been awarded the 2016 Kobayashi-Uyesugi Scholarship Award. Aaron is a graduate of Arcadia High School where he played on the basketball team for 2 years and involved with the LINK crew.  From his days with the Jets Wild Force to his days with the Sabers Sonics, Aaron has been an active member of the Jets/Jetts since kindergarten. Over the last few years, Aaron has become heavily involved in community service. He has been an assistant coach for both Jets Raptors and Jets Supersonics and has also helped at the Jets/Jetts Lil Wing clinics. Every June, he can be seen pitching in at the annual Montebello Plymouth Church Bazaar. Also, Aaron has found the time to volunteer his services at Special Olympics of Southern California events and at the Monterey Park Hospital.

He writes:  

Although I stopped playing for the Jets Wild Force in 8th grade, the Jets/Jetts organization has always been and always will be a large part of my life. I have grown up being a part of this amazing organization and cannot see myself any other way, for this I want to thank the Jets/Jetts organization. Being a part of the Jets Wild Force, I not only grew as a basketball player, but as a person. My coaches taught me to always work hard and be disciplined, and I want to instill these qualities and more into the Jets Raptors who I help coach. I want to thank Coach Danny, Coach Alton, and Coach David for coaching me and teaching me the fundamentals of the game. Additionally, I want to thank Coach Mark for allowing me to help coach the Jets Raptors, he has mentored me to become a coach and a leader. I don’t think I could have become the person I am now without the Raptors. Community service has always been a large part of my life, and just being able to give back to the Jets is amazing in itself.

It has been an honor to be a part of the Jets Wild Force, Jets Raptors, and the Jets/Jetts organization as a whole. I cannot thank the Jets/Jetts organization enough for this scholarship, and I just want to give back to the organization that has given me so much.

Aaron plans to attend California State University, Northridge in the fall where he will major in health care administration. We congratulate Aaron on his accomplishments and wish him the best in his future endeavors.



2016 Directors Scholarship Recipient


The Jets/Jetts proudly announce that Nelson Muronaka has been named the recipient of their 2016 Director’s Award. 

A Jet since kindergarten, Nelson played with the Jets Wild Force, Mustangs Bengals, F.O.R. Lightning and SGV Basketball teams.  From his early days, Nelson took his sweet jumper to Mark Keppel High School where he had a memorable basketball career.  Among his athletic accomplishments, Nelson was named the 2016 Almont League Most Valuable Player/First Team.  He was also selected as the MVP in the Sierra Vista Winter Tip-Off and to the All Tournament team in the Pioneer Varsity Classic.  He participated in the 13th Tribune/Star News All Star Classic and named to the Star News Boys Basketball All Area First Team.  Nelson also represented Team U.S.A. in Japan as a member of the Garvey Ranch Dojo Nippon Kenpo Karate team and has received his 1st degree black belt.

Nelson has also found time to be involved in community service.  He has volunteered at the Montebello Plymouth and Gedatsu churches, MP Cherry Blossom Festival, Gardena Valley JCI, Special Olympics World Games, Garvey Ranch Park Karate Dojo and SGV.  He has also volunteered at the Jets/Jetts Lil Wing Clinics and Jets practices for the younger teams. He has also helped with the Jets/Jetts tournament set-up.    

He writes:

I take this opportunity to thank the Jets/Jetts organization for awarding me this generous scholarship.  I am extremely grateful to have been a part of the organization since I was 4 years old as a Lil Wings participant.  It has unquestionably helped me grow as a player and become the person I am today.  I am thankful to have so many memorable experiences playing with Jets Wild Force.  I am blessed to have coaches and teammates who have supported and helped me and mean so much to me.  I would like to give a big thanks to my parents for allowing me to be a Jet and for constantly supporting and pushing me to the best of my abilities. I would also like to thank my brother Noah and the rest of my family for their continued support.  A big shout out and much appreciation to Coach Danny Do for teaching me about basketball and providing me with endless amount of guidance on and off the court.  I have learned many life lessons playing basketball and my sincere appreciation to the Jets/Jetts organization for this honor.

We congratulate Nelson on his accomplishments and wish him the best in his future endeavors.